Band Title Credit
12 Step Rebels Go Go Graveyard Rockin' (2005) Mixing, Mastering
A.18  Forever After Nothing (2003) Producer, Engineer, Mixing 
A.18 Dear Furious (2004) Producer, Engineer, Mixing
A.F.I.  Answer That & Stay Fashionable (1997) Layout Design 
Adamantium  When It Rains, It Pours (2000) Engineer, Mastering 
Adamantium  From The Depths Of Depression (1998) Producer, Engineer, Mixing 
Adamantium  Traditions (2005) Engineer, Mastering
After Miles Listen (2006) Mastering 
As I Rise Of Scream (2002) Mastering
As I Lay Dying Long March: The First Recordings (2006)


As Night Falls The End Of All Innocence (2004) Mastering
Atreyu  Fractures in the Facade of Your... (2001) Producer, Engineer, Mixing 
Atreyu  Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses (2002) Engineer, Layout Design 
Atreyu Best Of Atreyu (2007) Engineer
Aurous Shattered Glass (2002) Engineer, Co-Producing, Mastering
Avner Free EP (2006) Mixing, Mastering
Bad Acid Trip Lynch The Weirdo (2004) Mastering
Beatmo Pig Shot (2007) Mastering
Buckethead & Friends Enter The Chicken (2006) Mastering
Bury Your Dead Alive (Live) (2005) Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Busrider Best Friends Forever (2000) Engineer, Co-Producing, Mixing
Byron Bordeaux Little Silly Dream (1998) Engineer, Mixing
Channel 6 Troubled Times (1998) Engineer
Clifford Greenwood Musical Heritage (2006) Mixing
Co Ed Sometimes Always Maybe Never (2002) Engineer, Co-Producing
CodeName: Rocky No Time To Waste Engineer
Cold War From Russia With Love (2004) Mastering
Cold War Espionage Made Easy (2007) Mastering
Conjob Everybody Be Cool (2006) Mixing
Count Me Out  Permanent (2002) Mastering 
Countdown To Life Govern Yourself Accordiingly (2005) Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Countervail An Empty Hand For A Heart (1998) Engineer, Co-Producing, Mixing
Crashcart Sleepers Awake (2003) Producer, Engineer, Mastering
Crashcart s/t (2001) Mixing
Creep Division  Creep Division (2000) Engineer 
Curl Up & Die  Only Good Bug Is a Dead Bug (2001) Producer, Engineer, Mastering
Death by Stereo  If Looks Could Kill I'd Watch You... (1999) Engineer, Design 
Death By Stereo  Day of the Death (2001) Bass, Engineer, Layout Design 
Death by Stereo  Into the Valley of the Death (2003) Bass, Vocals, Engineer, Mastering 
Distillers, the Sing Sing Death House (2002) Layout Design, Construction 
Dying Regret Price Of Human Ruin (2007) Mastering
Eisley Combinations (2007) Engineer
Enemies / Pitch Black  Enemies & Pitch Black (2001) Engineer 
Ensign  Direction of Things to Come (1997) Layout Design 
Equators, the Hot (1999) Engineer
ESL & Shamus O'Niel America: Home Of The Free? (1999) Engineer, Co-Producing, Mixing
Ex-Fork What's Next, Tomorrow? (1997/1998) Engineer, Co-Producing, Mixing
Exist Decrepit Lessons Crossing Imperfections (1998) Mixing
Eyelid  Conflict's Invitation [EP] (1999) Producer, Engineer 
Eyelid  If It Kills (2000) Producer, Engineer, Mixing 
Eyes Of Fire Prisons (2006) Additional Engineering
Faded Grey  Quiet Time Of Desperation (2001) Producer, Engineer, Mastering 
Farside  Monroe Doctrine (1999) Vocals, Assistant Engineer, Mixing 
Freakdaddy Take Me To Eulita (1997) Engineer
Fight Everyone Up Against The World (2007) Mastering
Final Word Fools Like You (2004) Mastering
Good Riddance / Kill Your Idols Good Riddance/Kill Your Idols... (2001) Photography 
Grave For The Fireflies Bitten (2005) Mastering, Layout
Graveyard Shift Rest Without Peace (2006) Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Halfway Home Brand New Subdivision (2004) Mastering

He Tends To Take Photographs Of The Sky

s/t (2003) Engineer, Mastering
Hellfire Trigger Sent Down To Burn (2005) Engineer, Producer, Mixing, Mastering
Holy Roman Empire Longue Durée (2007) Mastering
Hopefield Before You Go (2006) Engineer, Producer, Mixing, Mastering
Idle Hands  Building a Desert (2000) Producer, Engineer, Photography, Layout
Idle Hands  Treaty [EP] (2000) Producer, Engineer, Design 
In Control  Another Year (2001) Mastering 
In Control  Truth Hurts (2003) Engineer, Co-Producing, Mastering
Inside My Funeral (1998) Layout
Insted Proud Youth 1986-1991 (2004) Mastering
Internal Affairs Internal Affairs (2005) Mastering
It's Casual Buicregl (2002) Mastering
the Johns Preacher (2006) Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Jughead's Revenge  Pearly Gates (1999) Engineer 
Just Went Black Tides (2005) Mastering
Ka-Tet No Offense to the Dead (1998) Engineer, Mixing
Kill the Messenger  All Angels Crash & Burn [EP] (1999) Engineer, Design Assistant 
Kill Your Idols / The Nerve Agents Kill Your Idols/The Nerve Agents (2000) Producer, Engineer 
Last s/t (1998) Engineer, Mixing
Links Links (2007) Mastering
Litmus Green Cockring (1999) Engineer
La Motta Love California (2003) Mastering
Lost North Star Shadows Of A Lucent Memory (2001) Producer, Engineer, Photography, Layout
the Lulabelles As The World Turns (2004) Mastering
Manic Hispanic  Recline of Mexican Civilization (2001) Assistant Engineer 
Manic Hispanic  Mijo Goes to Jr College (2003) Digital Editing, Mastering 
Maps  Model American (2002) Design, Layout Design 
Mean Season Memory and I Still Suffer in Love (2005) Mixing, Mastering
Mike V. & the Rats Mike V. And the Rats (2002) Mastering 
Mike V. & the Rats Days (2006) Mastering 
Missing 23rd  Powers That Be (2000) Producer, Engineer, Design, Layout
Motörhead Stage Fright (2006) Engineer, Mastering
Narcoleptic Youth Chronological Disorder (2004) Engineer
Nemirah Via Telepathy (2001) Engineer, Mixing
Nerve Agents, the Nerve Agents [EP] (1998) Producer, Engineer, Artwork 
New Found Glory Coming Home (2006) Engineer
New Found Glory From The Screen To Your Stereo, Vol. 2 Engineer, Mixing
Olivia, the band Olivia the Band Mixing, Engineer
Outspoken Spotlight (2005) Mastering, Mixing
Over My Dead Body  No Runners (2001) Mastering 
Over My Dead Body  Rusty Medals and Broken Badges (2001) Mastering 
Over My Dead Body  Sink Or Swim (2003) Engineer, Co-Producing, Mastering
Perish Our Sin (2006) Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Permanent Sink/Swim (2007) Mastering
Phaedrus Look Who's Holding Your Leash (1999) Engineer
Phobia  Means of Existence (1998) Engineer 
Phobia  Serenity Through Pain (2001) Editing, Mastering 
Phobia/Resist And Exist Phobia/Resist And Exist Split EP (2003) Mastering 
Pitch Black  Pitch Black (2002) Producer, Engineer, Upright Bass, Mastering
Pitch Black  This Is The Modern Sound (2005) Mastering
Pop Narcotic, the Ride (2001) Engineer, Co-Producing, Mastering
Quadratics, the Mi Fracaso (2000) Engineer, Co-Producing, Mastering, Layout
Revolution Mother Enjoy The Ride (2006) Mastering 
Revolution Mother Glory Bound (2007) Mastering
Right On Reality Vacation (2006) Mastering
Scrimmage Heroes  Nothing Comes Clean (2000) Producer, Engineer, Layout Design 
Seven System Hope Arises (2006) Mixing, Mastering
Shinedown Live From The Inside (2005) Mastering (audio)
Since By Man A Love Hate Relationship (2004) Engineer, Co-Producing, Mixing, Mastering
the Sinking Ships Disconnecting (2006) Mastering
Slowdance Good People (2004) Mixing, Mastering
Some Girls All My Friends Are Going Death (2004) Mixing, Mastering
Spitfirevolver Bring On The Snakes (2002) Engineer, Co-Producing, Mastering
Stay Gold Pills and Advice (2002) Mastering 
Still Crossed Love And Betrayal (2004) Mastering
Suffocate Faster Only Time Will Tell (2004) Mixing, Mastering
Suicide File  s/t [EP] (2002) Mastering 
Suicide File  Some Mistakes You Never Stop Paying For (2005) Mastering
Taken  And They Slept (2001) Mastering 
Terror One With The Underdogs (2004) Engineer
Thinker Second Set (2000) Engineer, Co-Producing, Mastering
This Moment Finding A Voice In The Dark (2004) Producer, Engineer, Mixing
This Moment Star Parallel (2007) Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Thorn Hill Four Corner Soul (2000) Engineer, Co-Producing, Layout
Thought Riot Sketches of Undying Will (2004) Mastering
Thrice  Identity Crisis (2001) Producer, Engineer 
Throwdown  Beyond Repair (1999) Engineer, Artwork, Remastering 
Tiltwheel  Hairbrained Scheme Addicts (1999) Engineer 
Time Flies  On Our Way (1999) Layout 
Time Flies  Can't Change the Past (2000) Mastering 
Tokyo Rose Promise In Compromise (2007) Mastering
Treadwell Pour it into our bodies (2000) Engineer, Mixing
Treadwell Bomb Diffusion (1999) Engineer, Mixing
Unbroken The Death of True Spirit (2003) Mastering
Underminded Hail Unamerican (2004) Mastering, Vocals
Underminded Eleven: Eleven (2007) Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Unit Pride Then And Now (2002) Mastering
Various Artists Tribute To Sick Of It All (2007) Mixing, Mastering
Various Artists  Songs for the Brokenhearted (1998) Engineer 
Various Artists  Anti-Racist Action Benefit (1999) Engineer 
Various Artists  Never Give In: A Tribute to Bad... (1999) Engineer, Mixing 
Various Artists  Way It Should Be... (2001) Recorder 
Various Artists  No-Fi Trash (2001) Bass 
Various Artists  Indecision Records Split Series (2001) Engineer, Mastering, Layout Design 
Various Artists  Victory Style, Vol. 5 (2002) Engineer 
Various Artists  Snoisses: The Skateboarder... (2003) Mastering
Vermillion Flattening Mountains and Creating Empires (2003) Layout
The Voids Sounds Of Failure, Sounds Of Hope (2007) Mastering
the Warriors War Is Hell (2004) Mastering
Welcome to Your Life  There Is No Turning Back (2002) Producer, Engineer, Mastering 
Western Waste Break Away (2002) Mastering
When Tigers Fight When Tigers Fight (2005) Mastering
Zombie Apocalypse This Is A Spark Of Life (2003) Mixing, Mastering